COMputational techniques for FUSion reaction.

    The COMFUS project "COMputational techniques for FUSion reaction" is a Starting Independent Research Grant awarded to Prof. Santiago Badia funded by the European Research Council and is the main financial support of the LSSC group. The objective of the project is the development of advanced finite element techniques and large scale implicit solvers for a unified numerical approximation of physical phenomena in fusion reactors.

    More info: LSSC group webpage and FEMPAR webpage

  • ScramjetUQ

    Uncertainty Quantification in LES Computations of Turbulent Multiphase Combustion in a Scramjet Engine.

    Not available

PhD supervisor

  • present 2020

    Dynamics of a full-height lattice support structure for nextgeneration offshore wind turbines

    Marco Vergassola

MSc thesis supervisor

  • 2020

    QUAD Lift Workability Analysis

    Evaluating the Dynamic Interaction Between Two Dual-crane Vessels using a Frequency Domain Modelling Technique

    Niels van Duijn